Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC Testimonials and Recommendations



Source Zillow & Trulia:  I have nothing but positive things to say about Glen Kelly. He showed my family and I many homes. He helped get our credit repaired and was amazing to deal with every day. He did more for me then any other agent I ever worked with in the past. I give Glen very high marks! Thank you so much for the best experience ever! 



Source Zillow & Trulia:  Glen Kelly is the quintessential real estate professional. He brings extensive business and financial acumen to the table. His people skills and attention to clients needs is unparralelled in the industry today. Highly educated and armed with the breadth and depth of experience that few possess he is a turn key realtor/broker. Glen Kelly is as good as it gets in the real estate profession.

ource: Zllow & Trulia:  Glen Kelly is truly the MOST dedicated Realtor out there! By the time Closies around he is no longer just a Realtor he is FAMILY! I still can't thank Glen enoug


Source: Zillow & Trulia: Glen Kelly is truly the MOST dedicated Realtor out there! By the time Closing comes around he is no longer just a Realtor he is FAMILY! I still can't thank Glen enough for what he has done for us...It's a great feeling to finally lay your down at night and know We are Home :)




Source Zillow & Trulia: I have had the golden opportunity of having Glen as my agent for selling and purchasing. Glen has the professionalism and genuine personal care of your transition whether selling or buying as his priority. His clarity and understanding of what you are looking for is priceless! Glen's dedication and integrity is a most precious gift in this market! I have recommended and will continue to recommend him to anyone who wishes to purchase or sell a home. Glen's patience and help in all matters surpasses anyone's expectations. Glen is a bright star in this market. It would benefit all who wisely choose Glen as their realtor!


Source Zillow & Trulia:  I seem to always be impressed with Mr. Kelly. He helped me thru a very difficult time in my life. After my divorce was finalized, he helped me sell my marital residence with ease and then helped me find my dream home. I can not thank him enough. Thank you Mr. Kelly from the bottom of my heart and it's a pleasure to write a recommendation for you!



Source Zillow & Trulia:  Glen was on point 24/7. He helped me sell my home and also helped me purchase another. Just when I thought my life was in shambles with divorce and possible foreclosure he really helped me and my family. His real estate knowledge and insight is absolutely second to none! Myself and family thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you Thank you Thank you!





















Source Zillow & Trulia:  I had the fortunate experience to meet Glen before he opened Glen Kelly Real Estate. He was a sweet, kind hearted, man but had an unrelenting business side to him that just never died out. Energizer bunny when it came to his business time of 24/7. For helping me so much I can never repay you! I would highly recommend Mr. Kelly to absolutely anyone. He is just one in a million when it comes to business and real estate.









Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC Testimonials

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