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Today’s economy is challenging and the market is unpredictable to say the least. Business owners, small and large alike, are under immense pressure to watch the bottom line. A company’s commercial real estate costs are usually one of the largest line item expense, equating to up too 45% of your companies overall budget. When choosing a commercial real estate broker specialist ask yourself the following: First, do you have market knowledge to research the current real estate market? Second, do you know current market conditions, lease rates, concessions, tenant improvements, etc.? Third, do you have the time and expertise to deal with several different brokers and landlords and analyze different space options while handling all of your other day to day job responsibilities? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you need a commercial real estate broker specialist to assist you in the buying process. Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC adds Experience, Market Knowledge, Leverage, Time Management, and Negotiation Power to your companies real estate portfolio. Commercial real estate is complex and expertise is essential to a favorable outcome! When you are about to enter the New Jersey commercial real estate market, think Glen Kelly, Realtors (Glen Kelly Real Estate LLC) for representation.  

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